Pelvic pain clinics in the UK

The UK has around half a dozen NHS pelvic pain clinics with multi-disciplinary teams (pain management consultants, physios and counsellors).

The country’s leading centre is based at the National Hospital in Queen’s Square, London.

There are also clinics in:

  • Birmingham University Hospitals
    Multi-disciplinary team for male and female pelvic pain (dedicated pelvic pain clinic)
  • Bristol – University Hospital
    Gynaecology, physiotherapy, pelvic pain – female and male
  • Edinburgh – Royal Infirmary
    Gynaecologist, Pain specialist, psychologist (multi-disciplinary team)
  • Leicester Royal Infirmary
    Gynaecologist, pain specialist, psychologist, physiotherapist (multi-disciplinary team)
  • London – Bart’s and the London, Whitechapel
    Gynaecologist-led pelvic pain clinic
  • London – St Mary’s, Paddington
    Pain specialist
  • Manchester – Wythenshawe Hospital
    Pain specialist
  • Manchester – St Mary’s
  • Middlesborough – James Cook University Hospital
    Pain specialist
  • Oxford – John Radcliffe Hospital
    Gynaecologist, physiotherapist, pelvic pain clinic and adolescent pelvic pain clinic

If you are seeking a referral, research the services offered as these may change.

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