Chronic UTI is a poorly recognised condition. Getting information can be hard. Find the latest research, medical practice and patient experience so you can better understand your illness and get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Where to start?

Starting with the basics we explain one off or acute infections. What is a urinary tract infection or UTI?

What happens when a UTI keeps on coming back or never really goes away? Illustrated with great visuals we explain how an acute infection can become chronic UTI.

Urinary tract infections can be caused by several different types of bacteria. Central to understanding chronic UTI is the urinary microbiome.

To complicate things, standard tests and treatment are inaccurate and ineffective and see many thousands of sufferers misdiagnosed or even dismissed as ‘problem patients’. We explain the main issues with standard tests, diagnosis and treatment.

Women are more likely to suffer from UTIs but men get UTIs too.

Concerned about a loved one? We explain why those of older age are vulnerable to UTIs.

Fact sheets to download

Looking for information to take away and read over? Or to print our and give to a friend or employer? Our fact sheets summarise information that will help to: