Chronic UTI is a poorly recognised condition. Find the right treatment path for you. 

What treatment is available for chronic UTI?

From Hiprex, to antibiotics and vaccines we explain current treatment routes for chronic urinary infection.

From homeopathy to Traditional Chinese Medicine we review whether complementary medicine is effective for a UTI.

Find a specialist to treat chronic UTI

Before you see a chronic UTI specialist your GP should ensure you have been investigated to exclude cancers of the urinary tract especially if there is a family disease history. Investigation for stones, strictures or anatomical abnormalities which can cause ongoing infection issues should also be carried out by referral to a secondary consultant.

Future treatments

New treatments focusing on embedded or biofilm infections are currently in research development. Find out about future treatments.

What about antibiotic resistance?

Currently treatment for chronic UTI may involve long courses of antibiotics. Recent research into chronic UTI suggests that longer courses of full strength antibiotics can work to minimise or cure recurrent or chronic infections. The research also showed that this protocol does not create antimicrobial resistance. The real gift to resistant bugs are low dose short or preventative courses of antibiotics over weeks or months.

We explain antibiotic resistance and UTI.