From managing your chronic UTI symptoms to understanding how hormones can affect your body, coping with the anxiety of an infection and finding support. We explain all… 

Managing your chronic UTI symptoms

Living with chronic UTI can be debilitating. We explain self help ways you can manage or even reduce your symptoms.

Reducing the side effects of medication

How hormones come into play

Research shows that hormonal changes affect whole body conditions with flare-ups and remissions. We explain how hormones may cause UTIs and flares.

Find out more about:

Natural supplements

We explain what they are and importantly whether they actually work for a UTI.

Going away on holiday?

How to minimise the chance of a holiday flare up plus your essential packing guide.

Living with a long term illness

Long term illness has a significant impact on mental and physical health. Enduring constant pain and battling for good medical care can cause anxiety and frustration. These in turn trigger the physiological stress system and can make some physical illnesses worse.

Kate Middleton, a medic and psychologist who suffered from chronic UTI, has written these essential guides to help support you through the ups and downs of chronic illness:

Finding support from others