Chronic UTI is a poorly-recognised condition. Current treatment and guidelines only cover acute – one off infections making the assumption that most infections are short-term and easily resolved. But some urinary tract infections don’t get better with standard treatment. They turn into a debilitating long term illness – chronic UTI.

Sufferers of chronic UTI are left living with constant pain and distress, their lives changed

We hope what you read on this website will help you achieve the right diagnosis and treatment according to your individual circumstances.

What is chronic UTI?

Chronic urinary tract infections develop when ‘acute’ or ‘simple’ infections are left untreated or fail to get better with standard treatments.

Understand how a chronic UTI develops.

the bladder with a chronic urinary tract infection

Getting a diagnosis and treatment can be hard. Current tests for UTI don’t always work – they miss infections. Standard treatments only cover acute infections and don’t work for chronic UTI.

We explain the issues with standard tests and treatment.

If you think you have a chronic urinary tract infection

Find out where you can find a specialist doctor in the UK  and where you can find a specialist physician in the US

See how conventional medicine can help.

We also review whether complementary therapies and natural supplements work for urinary tract infections.

If you are already in treatment

From managing your symptoms to reducing side effects of medication get day to day help for chronic UTI.

Or find places of support or inspiration from success stories.

Looking for take away information?

These factsheets, written with specialists, will help:

Understand Chronic UTI

Explain your illness to family and friends

Employers understand your illness

Allow you to work with your GP in recognising a chronic UTI

Where can I get more information & support?

Find out more at the following:

Bladder Health UK
Chronic UTI Australia
The Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Campaign (CUTIC)
Live UTI Free